Insane Blog

[ Saturday, January 26, 2002 ]

Goodafternoon I dident get up untill 2 pm today had a late nigth last nigth lol.Well not sure wot to do to day ill be sleeping at me cozins to nigth coz im playing foota up near his hous in the morning.Migth be going out with me broth to some party but not sure yet.If i do ill not be having much to drink got to be up ealy in the mornning...Eny way im going coz im gonna have a bath see you all later
deano [6:27 AM]

[ Thursday, January 24, 2002 ]

Well i got up at 7.00 this mornning the fucking dog woke me up barking at me brother going to work lol.I have to strip me bed room walls today getting me room dun out.Cant be fucked to do it thou.Then i got to go down the club this afternoon some time to re new me club cards.Then i dont have a clue wot i will be doing.Maybe try get some new pics for the site.Its been i bit since i put some new pictures up.Well iv just been speeking to billy.Its been fucking ages since i last seen him now.So yup he is still a live lol.Im gonna go check his blog he probley aint filled it in like he never fills it in lol.....So eny way ill see ya all soooooon
deano [11:23 PM]

Well i just come back from my cozins agen.Im gonna start sleeping at home more.Im not getting all my sleep i have got big black marks under me eys lol.So i gusse ita from lack of sleep.So i shoud be on here a bit more from now on.But eny way not realy muched happend today.Me littal cozin has fucked her knee in agin.she had an op on it a few mouths back but looks like they will have to leave it now untill she is a older.Eny way im gonna go for now so ill cach up with ya all later.....
deano [9:39 AM]