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[ Saturday, February 02, 2002 ]

Well im back..iv just been doing some work on me site.Last nigth i was told the must funny thing i dont think billy will mind me saying this ..well hes put it in his blog so i thik itl be ok..well the funny thing is billy told me last nigth that he is getting marrid if u know billy you will also now that he is not the sort of person that would get marrid lol ha ha...The good thing is that he also asked me to be his witness lol .was realy cool as fuck.Well im gonna go lissen to the second half of the mach so ill speek to ya all later
deano [7:56 AM]

lol been haveing a mad laff on billy new page lol its cool as fuck like a message board sort of thing go check it out... realy dun much more today just been in the bath and sleeping at me cozins to nigth ..coz at football in the morrning i cant fucking wate it be cool as fuck...i hope maybe get a few cans and have a laff
deano [4:22 AM]

[ Friday, February 01, 2002 ]

Sorry i havent fill this in for a bit.I have been staying at my cozins agen lol.Came home the other day bad lol.But im feeling loads better now.Aint realy dun much today cant be fucked realy.I got some new pics for the site so they should be going up soon.I migth do it to nigth if i can be ill see u all later bye bye
deano [11:04 AM]

[ Monday, January 28, 2002 ]

Well its monday start of anther boaring week.Cant wate for the week end to come back.I get so board during the weel with me not working thers fuck all to do.Dident play football on sunday it got called off.We walkt all the way up to the pub that we play for and the fell said its been called off lads lol.We where fucking gutted.Dont know what to do today i migth go see billy make sure he is still a live lol aint seen him in a few days.I dont know if eny onr who comes here all so gose to read billys blog lol.But fucking me he has been putting some mad shit in it the last few weeks.I think his brain is broken lol.I told him to go see the doctor ages ago but he wont lol......He fucking crazioooo.....Well im gonna go have a shower so ill chach u all soon bye bye
deano [5:04 AM]