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[ Saturday, February 09, 2002 ]

shit i for got to give ya all the addy lol.........

deano [1:39 PM]

Well i was up realy early this morrning had to get more work dun in me bed room.Its taking a whill to get it all dun out coz we are re doing every thing.Its starting to look real nice now.Well im up at me cozins house now.Football in the mornning so im on his computer.Just haveing a few cans gonna whach a flim soon.Thats if its eny good like lol...Now i have to says chrissys name on here for some reason dont know why..maybe shes just big headed and like to see her name all ofer the place lol..only joking chrissy lol.iv put some realy cool pics up on the site funny as gonna put more up as soon as i get them ...Just go to the site and click on the worlds most funny pics....ok im gonna go for now see ya all soon.
deano [1:38 PM]

[ Friday, February 08, 2002 ]

I woke up this mornning with a fucking killing bad head.Most have had to much drink last nigth.Sed i wasent gonna go out but i did lol.Im gonna stay in to nigth iv spent to much over the last few days.Been to hartlipool to day for a look about got a few things things whill i was ther.Was a good nigth last nigth.When ofer billys when i got back from hartlipool....but err the lazzy twat was still in bed lol..So we just got back we could have stayed long eny way coz damo had to be back for work at 7 ...eny way im gonna go get a cup of tea lol ..maybe see wots happing in vp ill cach ya later
deano [11:24 AM]

[ Thursday, February 07, 2002 ]

Hi i dident get over billys yesterday he was still in bed lol.Im going out for a pint this afternoon with some one.If ther still going.Was out last nigth to.Just for a cupal with me cozin the whent to the cheekys for some thing to eat.We where gonna have a game of football last nigth well just a bit daft kick about .But err we couled find the football lol.Im not doing eny thing to nigth been spending to much over the last few days so im just gonna stay in.Migth have a look up me cozins but that will be about it....Well im gonna go have a bath and get ready so ill see u all later
deano [4:18 AM]

[ Wednesday, February 06, 2002 ]

Well I got me giro today lol.So ill have to go give me grandad back the monye i leny off him lol.Whent to get me hair cut and i was told arriva the bus company also have trans and are looking for train gards so im gonna have a bit ring about later.See wot happens.Migth have a look over to see billy to nigth.Was gonna go over last nigth but he was going to bed lol.Going up to see me anti some time this afternoon.And that will be about it for the day...But eny way im gonna go sort me grandads monye out so ill we you all later
deano [3:18 AM]

[ Tuesday, February 05, 2002 ]

Hey i whent down the doctors today for an in haler.And the fuckers wouldet give me 1.Slept at me cozins last nigth we whent round the town for a few pints(well more thab a few realy lol).Was a good nigth till one of me cozins had had to much and could controll him self.We had all been tsaking the piss outa ech other all nigth as lads do when they out drinking.But as soon as some one said some thing to him that was it he just could not take it.He was trying to be a bit of a big man like drinking newcastle brown ale.If ya dont know what newcatle brown ale is its a drink that makes some ppl very violent.We told him not to drink it but he said he would be ok so he had it.So eny ways when he start on his *brother* lol out side the pub that was it me and the other lad just kept on walking down the street.Just could not be botherd with it.But his brother had had it with him so all of a suden we turnd round and the lad that had been on the brown ale was just flat out on the deck lol..yup he had chind him all rigth lolSo we got him back home and that was the end of it...Dont think he be drinking that agen....He must have been so ebarset when he got up this morrning lol..Eny way im goona go see whats happing in vp later later
deano [5:15 AM]

[ Monday, February 04, 2002 ]

Well good agfternoon.Iv only been up about half an hour.I whent to bed at 4 yesterday afternoon lol.So maybe the sleep has court up with me.Got to go down the job center today.And im gonna give the collage a ring to see if i can go on some sort of computer coures.I just get so baod in the day time lol.I need some thing to do.Dont know what els to do today.Migth see if eny of the lads are haveing a kick about with the ball later on....but eny way im off to get some thing to eat so ill see you all sooon
deano [4:44 AM]

[ Sunday, February 03, 2002 ]

Hi i dident go to bed till 3.00 am this mornning and i was back up at 8am for football we got fucking turnd ofer agen lol.but i scoard so that makes it all ok..well for me eny way lol.Just been for me dinner now im fuck and thik ill go to bed.But if i go to bed ill be up all nigth so ill just see wot happens.Not doing eny thing to nigth cant be fucked gonna go eny way so ill see u all later on
deano [7:53 AM]