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[ Friday, February 15, 2002 ]

Well i think i migth have filled this in all ready to day but it aint go up.Chrissy is try to start of a blog figth i think lol..but you now wot they say about simpal things.Im thinking about putting a page up on the web sit about her lol for the ppl that dun know her.I got a pic of her to so that will have to go up..Maybe do a bit painting on it.Eny ways im goon go but befor i do iv just put more funny pics up on the site go check it out here is the addy for chrissy blog to but errm if ya not into sloppy love talk and shit i would not read it lol..cach ya all later.
deano [11:26 AM]

Hey i was up at 9 this morrning lol.The electriton is here thats why i had to get up lol.Hes putting more sockets in or some thing.I aint going out to nigth trying to keep as much cash as I can for billys wedding tomorrow.Aint realy dun much more just been down the tip with me mam help her get rid of some rubbish.And she dident even get me a bacon sandiwch lol.Well i dont know if chrissy made her blog ill have to ask her later when she comes on.Migth have a look up me aties to nigth have to see wot happens.But eny way im fucking starving so il gonna have to go get some food lol...Chachya all soon.
deano [3:00 AM]

[ Thursday, February 14, 2002 ]

Well iv been playing foota again to nigth been doing a lot of that the last few day.I nealy got all the paper off now lol its taking a bit to do it..Cant wate till saterday for billys wedding piss up be cool as fuck.Now just trying to find some 1 to take lol.(Hint hint eny offers lol).This is ther first time iv been on today aint realy dun much more.Just talking to chrissy at the mo shes thinking about makeing a blog.Ill give her the addy for the blogger un less she is gonna make her own..Eny ways im gonna go ill see ya all soon.......Haoot val day evry 1 xxxx(to the chicks only lol
deano [11:32 AM]

[ Wednesday, February 13, 2002 ]

Well its fucking Wedenessday England game is on to nigth so ill prob go up me cozins to whach it.aINT Dun much more today been stripping the sters lol.Nowt els realy.Dideny get up till 2 ..Eny way im gonna have to go coz me fool of a brother is here
deano [9:20 AM]

[ Tuesday, February 12, 2002 ]

I whent to play foota last nigth then whent to the pub for a few pinta after.Was i canny good kick about.Aint realy dun much today this is the first time iv been on all day.Migth have a game of foota to nigth if thers eny one haveing a game.But apart from that ill not be doing eny thing els.Cant wate till saterday billys wedding be cool as fuck.Well think ill go see if billys filled his blog in.Dont think it will have like.It aint been filled in for ages.Then im gonna have a bath so ill see u all later.
deano [7:39 AM]

[ Monday, February 11, 2002 ]

Well anther day got up at 2 this afternoon a had a late nigth whaching dads army vifios lol was cool as fuck.Me room is nealy dun now its looking fucking class.Im not gonna do eny thing to day.Well i migth start stripping the wall paper off ther sters it looks like thats the next place thats gonna be dun.Well im gonna go for a bit so ill see ya soon.
deano [6:37 AM]

[ Sunday, February 10, 2002 ]

Hey i just pissed chrisy of lol.She spat her dummy and every thing lol wooohooo.i dont know why but maybe had some thing to do with me asking her why her bf dumpt her lol...aww teen age love how romantic lol ha ha...eny way im gonna go ..maybe see if i can g her sweet agen will take some doing....later later
deano [12:10 PM]

Im at james at the moment hes a real fucking slow cunt.lolFucking football got called off.Dont know what els to do to gonna go eny wayz so ill seen ya all soon
deano [6:45 AM]