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[ Sunday, February 17, 2002 ]

Well i think the blog is fucked its not putting all me post up for some reson lol.Whent to billys wedding yesterday was cool as fuck.We whent at about 10 but had to go back to the place i live to meet up with me cozin.We where gonna go back but he dident whant to lol.But was cool in the other pub to.We got locked in till 2.30 in the mornning.Im gonna go out some time over ther on the drink with billy coz its realy cool.Just been playing football to day we got beat again lol 7-1 but i scord again thats 2 in a row now.I must be getting a bit a head of me self ....Eny ways im gonna go so ill see you all later.
deano [1:28 PM]